The Republic of Aquitaine offers passports to all citizens. These passports are designed with the same standards of any other sovereign nation. Note that you must be a naturalized citizen as confirmed and defined by the MINISTRY OF NATURALIZATION & IMMIGRATION

Our passports have:

High quality hot foil gold stamp cover

Vinyl protective cover

Digital photo

Passport Application Process

1. Download, print and complete the application: passport application

2. Scan your completed application and scan the required ID as detailed in the application.

3. Attached the scanned application, scanned ID, and digital photo to an email and send to us.

4. Upon receipt of your documents, you will be sent a payment request.

5. Once payment has been received your passport will be prepared and sent via Priority Mail.

Passports have a 10 year expiration date.

Passport Cost

$100 application fee plus $200 passport fee. The application fee is waived for all Republic of Aquitaine nobles. Nobles will have their full noble title included on the passport unless requested otherwise.