The Republic of Aquitaine is a non-state sovereign entity, formerly situated in the region of the southwestern third of France. Currently, the Republic of Aquitaine is a government in exile but with full legal sovereign status as established by its Declaration of Sovereignty.  We are lead by THOMAS II GRAND DUKE OF AQUITAINE, who has the highest level authority regarding all matters of state.

We do not petition to hold land, conflict existing claims of statehood, or rights to territorial land. We are a Non-State Sovereign Entity that has chosen Aquitaine as its base name due to the verifiable historical documentation we hold showing HRH Grand Duke Thomas II as a descendant (as shown here). The title of HRH is reflective and internal of the Republic of Aquitaine - a separate Non State Sovereign Entity from modern day Aquitaine.

The Republic of Aquitaine is divided into four basic ministries that are responsible for the promotion and well being of the Non State Sovereign Entity. We are an active member of the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Consortium of Sovereign Nations. Please be sure to review the four Ministries below for more information.

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance serves as the Sovereign's manager, regulator, and well being. Under its jurisdiction is the Registrar of Companies, Department of Banking & Finance, and Treasury. It also has the power to set financial benchmarks, reserve requirements, and other interests. Click below for more information.

Ministry of Naturalization & Immigration

The Ministry of Naturalization & Immigration is responsible for the management of its citizens, nobles, and other personnel. It's primary function rests on ensuring loyal subjects to the sovereign and ensuring that all citizens enjoy the benefits & privileges they are entitled to. Click below for more information.

Ministry of State & Defense

The Ministry of State & Defense is the diplomatic engine of the Non State Sovereign Entity and takes care of all matters pertinent to the sovereign. It's function focuses on the well being and integrity of its citizens and international presences. For more information click below.

Ministry of Legislation

The Ministry of Legislation is responsible for enacting laws. The function revolves around honoring the constitution of the Non State Sovereign Entity and ensuring that the provisions of freedom are withheld within the declaration of sovereignty. Click below for more information. It is comprised of the House of Representatives and the Council of Lords together which constitute the Assembly.